Hyde Park Neighborhood Association Meeting – February 17, 2022, 6:00 pm

Virtual Zoom Meeting

Present for Meeting:  Fatimah Muhammad, Mark Pappas, Samantha Smugala, Jason Newsome, Adrian Stillman, Jen Einspahr, Leon O’Hara, Sarah Rubenstein, Veronica Ross-Mickan, Mackenzie Alperti, Brendan Fahey, Lisa Anderson, Nick Speed, David Berczek, Denean Vaughn, Rai Savage, Brandon Bosley, Adam Layne, Juwanna Brown, Peter Hoffman, Karla Brown, James Page, Marlon Lee, Dara Eskridge, Michael Keller, Galaxy S10, Scotta, Paula Carey-Moore, Gail Guelker

Call to Order—Fatimah Muhammad

The meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm by Fatimah.

Approval of Agenda

Fatimah moved that the agenda be accepted and was seconded by S. Gail Guelker.

Invited Guests

Alderman Brandon Bosley— Commented on  improvements he wants to bring the 3rd Ward forward.  He stated that he will  answer questions and make comments later in the meeting.  Contact information for Alderman Bosley, Bosleyb@stlouis-mo.gov or 314-556-1936.

Alderman James Page—Strongly in support of engaging activities for youth; would like to see the new 14th Ward very connected to the new soccer stadium.  Would like people to fill out a survey so people can say what they want in the new ward.

Treasurer Adam Layne—spoke of some of the responsibilities related to his department—oversee parking garages, financial accounts, management of city funds, financial resources & literacy for citizens.  Contact information for Adam Layne, laynead@stlTreasurer.org or 314-472-5748.

Neighborhood Planning Updates

Project Connect Neighborhood Liaison–Juwanna Brown

Juwanna  Brown, from SLDC – Project Connect reviewed the purpose of the Project Connect Neighborhood planning process that will be used in six neighborhoods (St. Louis Place, Columbus Square, Carr Square, Hyde Park, Old North, Jeff Vanderlou) to develop a plan for each neighborhood.  Jason Newsome, SLDC-Project Connect stated that even though this process will be used in every neighborhood in the City of St. Louis, our neighborhoods will be first.  It is a community led effort and will include all facets of life: housing, economic development, arts/culture, youth engagement, public health, etc.  Presently they are wrapping up the Introduction phase and moving towards the Neighborhood Committees.  Key interviews will be done with people in the neighborhoods—let them know if you are interested in being interviewed.  Contact information for Juwanna is brownju@stlouis-mo.gov/sldc or 314-657-3774.

Environmental Nuisance Properties—Sarah Rubenstein, Great Rivers Environmental Law Center

Sarah updated everyone on Shreves Motors saying that she, Peter Hoffman and Vincent Keady from Stinson are preparing the lawsuit that will be filed next week.

Neighborhood Vacancy Initiative—Peter Hoffman, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

Peter addressed the problem of people dying without legal issues being resolved.  There will be a clinic held called Family Property Project on March 3rd at O’Fallon YMCA from 6:00-7:30 pm.  Pre-registration is necessary.  This will help people understand the importance of estate planning and receive legal assistance.

A question was addressed to Peter to update us on 1111 North Park.  Previously it was voted on to have this property rehabbed.  This is an open active case.  The person who wants to rehab has permission to go into the property and complete board up.  Peter Hoffman’s contact info is pjhoffman@lsem.org or 314-256-8744.


Nick Speed—Ujima Farm

Ujima Farm has property at 3714 Penrose.  The farm will be up and running this summer, plus they will keep up the lot across from Clay School.  There will be an apprenticeship program, where 5 students will be hired to assist in the work.  Nick’s information is ujimastl@gmail.com or 314-343-9455.

Samantha Smugala—Pocket Parks

Samantha referred people to https://www.pocketparks.co/hyde-park-vote to see more about the efforts being made on pocket parks.  On March 5th from 11-1 people are invited to a Hyde Park Pop Up Event where you can vote on the park you think would be best in Hyde Park.    On February 21st there will be a group from Americorp handing out flyers and picking up trash in the neighborhood.  They will work from 9:00 am until noon—meeting spot is MHT parking lot.  Samantha’s contact information is Samantha.lee@pocketparks.co or 636-334-4772.

Audience Questions, Comments

A member of HPNA wanted to know if there is a list of combined wards and who is competing for the position of Alderman.  St. Louis Post did an interactive map—to locate this map you can go to https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/proposed-14-ward-redistricting-plan-for-st-louis-unveiled/articleb6ea6184-da00-5bda-bfe4-d8ceab398ff5.html

Questions were addressed to Alderman Bosley regarding the Gas Stations on Salisbury and what can be done.  He stated that they continue to work with the owners who are good partners, but many of the problems come from people coming off the highway and causing trouble.

Another question was about how security cameras work and how can we get more put in the residential areas.  He is hoping to see more cameras secured by the end of the summer from city money and will work with block groups to find locations.

He mentioned the Healthy Home Program which is for home repair assistance.  You have to have lived in your home for 2 years; have clear title; are current on real estate taxes; current on mortgage payments and have homeowners insurance.

Alderman Bosley is very concerned about a land remediation bill that is a predatory bill.  When we hear about it we need to let the sponsor know how much we disapprove of it.

One more question was asked about people parking on streets at night and partying.  He feels that residential parking areas may help with this problem.

Alderman Bosley’s contact information is Bosleyb@stlouis-mo.gov or 314-556-1936.


Fatimah Muhammad moved that the meeting be adjourned at 7:40 pm.  Gail seconded.

The next meeting will be on March 19 at 6 pm.  The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.