Hyde Park Neighborhood Association Community Meeting Thursday, April 21, 2022, 6:00pm

Virtual Zoom Meeting

In attendance:  Fatimah Muhammad, Donna Lindsay, Suzanne Cade, Devon Hughes-Gunn, Pastor Cole, Josh Goldman, LaShana, Rebecca Courtney, Katie Kull, Samantha Smugala, Marissa Brooks, Alex Riednick, Adrian Stillman, Sarah Rubenstein, Porscha Anderson, Mackenzie Alberti, Brittany Hubbard, James Page, Mark Pappas, Jason Newsomme, Demetria Parks, Angelica Were, Sam McCrory, Juwanna Brown, Bobby Bonner, S. Gail Guelker

Call to Order

Fatimah called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

Approval of March 19, 2022 Board Minutes

Fatimah made a motion to accept the Board Minutes.  Donna Lindsay seconded the motion.

Approval of the Agenda

Fatimah made a motion to accept the Agenda for tonight’s meeting.  S. Gail seconded the motion.

Invited Guest

  • Alderman Brandon Bosley was not present for the meeting.
  • Alderman James Page (pagej@stlouis-mo.gov) (314-910-0605) was present and spoke about several issues:
  • *Concerned with gun violence and the youth who are victims of gun violence.  He recommended that people with guns can get gun locks at the Public Library at no cost.
  • *NGA area has been approved as a Special Use District—waiting for Mayor’s signature.
  • *Watch BB198 and BB 201.
  • *April 23 at 10 am is a meeting to hear from residents on how city money received should be spent.  Meeting at St. Stephen Protomartyr.

Old Business

Clay School Project—Josh Goldman

Working to bring vibrancy of Clay back to area.  Work is being done on agreements for 10-12 non-profits.  Cardinal Glennon is looking at the possibility of a Saturday, free clinic.  This summer LinkSTL will do a Super Hero Summer Camp—lots of different groups will be involved.

Pocket Parks—Samantha Smugala and Devon Hughes-Gunn (dhughesgunn1@live.maryville.edu)

2101 Salisbury was selected as the site for the Pocket Park in Hyde Park.  Design process has continued and there were two options that were shown to the members.  Members were asked to give their preferred option in the chat and Fatima will put the two options on the website for voting and comments.  The park will face 21st Street and a question was asked about safety on the Salisbury side of the park—some suggestions were given.  This will be looked at again for some possibilities.  The timeline is to break ground on May 28th and complete the park by the end of summer.  Community people can help with gardening and putting in the retaining wall.

 SLDC Project Connect Neighborhood Liaison—Juwanna Brown and Jason Newsomme

Juwanna explained that they were nearing the end of the introduction phase of the process.  The next step is to organize Neighborhood Committees of 7-9 members in each of the six neighborhoods.  She asked people who were interested in being on the committee to get an on-line application or stop by the SLDC office to pick one up.

NGA Updates—Rebecca Courtney (Rebecca.a.courtney@nga.mil)

Rebecca invited people to the next Community Gathering at NGA, May 18 from 5:30-7:00 pm.  Fatimah asked if there were people to help with some of the community gardens being developed.  Rebecca agreed to meet with Fatimah in a couple weeks to further discuss the gardens.

Nuisance Properties—Brittany Hubbard

1522 Salisbury where the fire occurred is in deplorable condition and a dangerous situation.  The owner lives in Detroit MI and has not been responsive.

LSEM is using a block by block approach on North Park Place, Mallinkrodt and Salisbury.  If anyone has concerns about the blocks around the park they need to get the address and give it to Brittany.  Important contact sites:  www.stlvacancytools.com-interactivemapofvacantproperties and https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/public-safety/building/copy-of-request-on-exterior-residential-property-inspection.cfm

Environmental Nuisance Property, Shreve Automotive—Sarah Rubenstein

Shreves Engine case has been filed and is in litigation. Shreves owns 12 parcels of land where the violations are cited.  People in the neighborhood spoke of the unhealthy and unsafe conditions of this property and the surrounding streets.  Oil in streets, horrible fumes, trucks left open and blocking neighborhood streets.  Sarah introduced Katie Kull from the Post Dispatch who is interested in reporting on the issue.  Katie encouraged people to call or contact her with specifics on this issue–314-410-0281 or KKull@postdispatch.com.

 New Business

 Financial Report—Donna Lindsay, Treasurer

Donna reported that there in $6,665.61 in the bank for HPNA.

Questions, Comments, Announcements

*Fatimah spoke about the Be Well Café/Co-Working Space, which will have fresh, wholesome food from community gardens.

*Verizon—Mackenzie Alberti announced an event on May 18th.  She will be sending out the flyer to post on our website.


Fatimah made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:43 pm.  Donna seconded the motion.