Present:  Fatimah Muhammad, Donna Lindsay, Constance Siu, Brian Krueger, Charles Bryson, Bobby Bonner, Doug Eller, Dayna Kriz, Laura Ginn, Chad Warner, Eva Wilson, Deneen Jaighs, Lance Knuckles, Veronica Ross-Micken, Alderman James Page, Alderman Brandon Bosley, Cindy Mense, Regina Dennis, Katherine Mathaus, James Sykes, Brendan Fahey, Brittany Hubbard, S. Gail Guelker

Fatimah Muhammad called the meeting to order at 11:10 am.  Fatimah reviewed the rules of the meeting.


The Commercial Corridor Grant Program is being addressed because Hyde Park was not included in the grant program.

  • Lance stated that the corridors included are those that need stimulation of economic development.  The funds need to be applied for (1) by businesses in the listed corridors (2) if it is a community need and, in a HUD qualified census track.  SLDC has 59 applications to date.  All corridors are strategically aligned, and Hyde Park should still apply.
  • Alderman Page mentioned a few of the commercial corridors:  North Florissant, West Florissant, North Grand, Natural Bridge and Page.
  • There are several sources to support community development beyond BB 82 (authorizes appropriations under ARPA).  The Board of Alderman passed the bill to give $39 million to north St. Louis.  BB 116 is under discussion.
  • Alderman Bosley had a meeting with the chief of staff about Hyde Park being left out—he wants it corrected and Hyde Park put in the Commercial Corridor program.
  • Question:  What is a HUD qualified Census Track—it must be designated area and meet requirements.  Most of North City is a qualified census track.


  • Next Step:  To name the vision for Hyde Park—this will be done in the 1st and 2nd week of December.  Look at West End planning for an example of a vision.
  • Hyde Park is the first plan to be deployed, where the neighborhood will prioritize the needs.  The Planning Commission will review the plan and then the city adopts the plan.
  • Alderman Page mentioned the rebuild project on Jefferson Avenue.  $7.95 million is allocated for Jefferson Avenue and 20th Street revitalization corridors.
  • Question:  What is happening at the corner of Salisbury and North 14th.  Alderman Bosley said it is in the works to develop an International Restaurant.  The association asked Alderman Bosley to include us in what is in the works in Hyde Park—this is important to the plan.  It is important to hear what the people want.
  • The youth and their opinion is missing in the planning process, so there will be a Youth and Young Adults Planning Session on Saturday, December 3rd, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm at 1428 Warren Street.

NEIGHBORHOOD WORKING GROUP—Constance Siu and Brian Krueger

  • North Newstead Association was invited to explain what the Neighborhood Working Group is and how they are involved in Hyde Park.  NNA brings community partners together to promote economic development.
  • The neighborhood working group initiated a meeting with NNA to answer a funding question.  They were interested in finding a place to receive money for projects, have technical and capacity support and oversee money.


  • Cindy addressed traffic calming, using the “bump out” approach to ease traffic on Salisbury near the Farmer’s Market.
  • There was a discussion of stop signs vs. bump outs.  There is a $26 million traffic calming bill in process.
  • Alderman Bosley stated that the records should reflect his commitment of $25,000 to fund four bump outs at 21st Street and Salisbury to be funded out of board capital funds.

LRA/City of St. Louis Vacancy StrategiesL—Laura Ginn

  • LRA has 1500 properties—500 on path to be purchased.  As of now they have 1000 buildings in inventory.
  • NS money—No more than $30,000 for stabilization of a single family home.

        No more than $45,000 for stabilization of a double family home.

  • Brittany Hubbard stated that there are 5 active lawsuits on North Park Place.


  • Dream Builders 4 Equity announced they will be providing home repairs to 4 senior citizens homes in Hyde Park.  If anyone is interested and needs more information, email Mike Woods at Michael@dreambuilders4equity.org.   Dream Builders 4 Equity announced they would like to host our next meeting on December 15th at 6 pm.  Fatimah will confirm.
  • SLDC has employment opportunities available.  For more information visit https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/personnel/jobs
  • DeAnna Murphy is the Hyde Park Neighborhood Community Liaison.  You can reach her at deannamurphy@stlouis-mo.gov, 314-657-1371.

Fatimah Muhammad closed the meeting at 1:30 pm.