Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church


Present: Signed Up Participants attending:  Fatimah Muhammad, Donna Lindsay, Larry Cohn, Charles Bryson, Zen Harbison, Jacoby Combs, Wendy Bruner, Janice Munier, Angelica Were, Ebony Washington, Tyra Wooten, Veronica Ross-Mikan, David Hults, Mark Pappas, Doug Eller, James Harris, Bobby Bonner, Kimberly, Jeff Wheeler, Ben Horwitz, Nathan Goldstein, Rebecca Kaner, Jim Bax, Samantha Smugala, Jen Einspath, Denean Vaughn, Norman King, Alderman James Page, Alderman Brandon Bosley, St. Rep. Kimberly-Ann Collins, St. Rep Rasheen Aldridge + 10 more people not signed in.

Call to Order

Fatimah Muhammad called the meeting to order at 11:08 am.

Approval of Minutes

Fatimah made a motion to accept the December minutes and Denean Vaughn seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was given by Donna Lindsay.  There were no expenses and a $1,000 deposit was made.  $9,000 is the balance in the checking account.

Special Guests

State Representative Kimberly-Ann Collins introduced herself stating she represents the entire 77th District.  She serves on the following committees:  Agriculture Policy, Corrections and Public Institutions, Health & Mental Health Policy, Subcommittee on Mental Health Policy Research, Joint Committee on Child Abuse & Neglect.  The State of Missouri has approximately a $50 billion dollar budget.

Old Business

1.Nuisance Properties—Jim Bax

Jim reported on the Shreve lawsuit which is on-going.  Stinson Law, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and Great Rivers are working together on this.  Another nuisance, bad actor property is Northside Regeneration with properties at 3113-3121 North 14th St.  They are currently thinking about doing a nuisance lawsuit.  Missouri updated the statutes to say a private organization (i.e. HPNA) can bring suits against them.

2. Pocket Parks—Samantha Smugala

Samantha explained the mission of Pocket Parks.  Trailnet has agreed to purchase a shed and signage for the Hyde Park Pocket Park.  A new designer has been hired to design the flora.

3.TrailNet—Charles Bryson

Charles discussed a 1993 bill that took a ½ cent sales tax and divided it between ward capital and bi-state.  With the movement to 14 wards there is an ordinance to take the money and (a) divide evenly to wards  (b)  give all to the street department or (c)equitable distribute the money to the wards on need.  TrailNet recommends EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION ON NEED.  At this point each aldermanic candidate present was given 2 minutes to speak on their stand—Bosley, Page, & Aldridge agreed to equitable distribution.  Mr. Bryson encouraged people to attend the zoom meeting on January 26, 11 am – 1 pm.   Alderman Bosley will forward the link.

New Business

 1.Community Engagement Officer James Harris was introduced. 

His contact info is: jaharris@slpd.org and 314-818-4792.  Issues were raised about 911 calls and problems related to no answers, people being put on hold, etc.  BB 120 is to address this.  Brandon Bosley will send info for zoom meeting and Fatimah Muhammad will put on website.

2. Planting Shade—Nathan Goldstein & Ben Horwitz

Nathan (Nathan@plantingtrees.org) and Ben (Ben@plantingtrees.org) explained they will engage a group of students to plant trees on one given day in Hyde Park.  They have 11 different varieties of trees and shrubs.  Dates open are April 1-22.

3. The Museum—David Hults & Mark Pappas

David and Mark explained the the Musaeum could be a cultural center of classical learning in Hyde Park.  This would be located at the Hyde Park library site.  They had a display to further explain the plan.

Concerns raised by the Hyde Park residents


  •  The corner of Salisbury and Natural Bridge—the entrance into Hyde Park.
  • Salisbury homes—trash receptacles left in street after trash pickup.
  • Alleys left with large and small items dumped and left.


  • Call or use online service to Citizen Service Bureau.
  • Link with probation and parole to get help with trash pickup.
  • Possible help from the Probation Office:  St. Rep Collins shared her information to see if she will help by reaching out to the Probation Office.  Rep. Collins information is 314-349-8042 or Kimberlyann.collins@house.mo.gov
  • Ebony Washington suggested high school students service hours.
  • Do cleanup immediately after Saturday HPNA meetings.
  • Contact Neighborhood Improvement Specialist, Gloria Boyer (boyerg@stlouis-mo.gov)

2. Electric Light around Hyde Park are sometimes on and other times off.  When they are off it is a week at a time.  What is the problem??  Unsure about the remedy.

3. Seniors—Gloria Winston raised a concern about seniors and what is being done to help them.  People are reaching out to them about selling their homes.

HPNA Board Nominations

Fatimah asked for nominations for the Board.  Her term is up and it was voted that she remain the chair.  She called for nominations for Board members.  Nominations named were: Denean Vaughn, Larry Cohn, Jdacoby Combs.  Later nominated was Norman King.  A vote was called and 20 Hyde Park residents voted to add these 4 residents to the Board.


February 11th—Aldermanic Candidates Forum at Most Holy Trinity, 10:00- noon.

February 15th—Neighborhood Planning meeting to hear from businesses in the area, at Freddy G’s.


The meeting adjourned at 1:16 pm