Virtual Zoom Meeting

Present:  Jeffrey Bates, Adrian Stillman, Herdosia Bentum, Alderman Brandon Bosley, Themba Tshiban, David Hults, Tyanna Scott, Latasha Barnes, Sarah Rubenstein, Captain Brent Fieg, Karla Brown, Ellie Atkins, Leon O’Hara, David Bercyck, LaShana Kelley, Fatimah Muhammad, Veronica Ross-Mikan, Vanessa Pimbleton, Dara Eskridge, Charli Cooksey, Marva C., S. Gail Guelker

Fatimah called the meeting to order @ 5:40.

Roll call of the Board of Directors;

Fatimah Muhammad – Present

Veronica Ross-Mikan – Present

Sis. Gail Guelker – Present

Donna Lindsay – Absent

Approval of  November 21, 2020 Board Minutes

Fatimah asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes.  There were no comments made.

Motion:  Fatimah moved to approve the minutes as presented.

Seconded:  Veronica

Motion carried.

Treasurers Report

Sis. Gail presented the Treasurer’s Report in absence of the Donna.  Sis Gail reported that there have been no expenditures and that there is $6,378.16 cash on hand. 

Motion:  Fatimah moved to that the Treasurers Report be accepted as presented.

Seconded:  Veronica

Motion carried.

Invited Guest

3rd Ward Alderman Brandon Bosley

Alderman Bosley stated that he has been a resident of Hyde Park since age 7 and is open to questions and concerns.  He is looking forward with working with the residents and the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association.

 (Later in the meeting Alderman Bosley gave his input on various issues that he felt needs addressing).

4th District Captain Brent Fieg

Captain Fieg reported that Hyde Park and Old North would be considered as a Mission Zone—to address violent crime and property crime.  He also reported that the police are beginning to do Neighborhood Blitzes and that Hyde Park would be coming up, but there is no date right now.

Shot Spotter Is an automatic call for response, but not active in Hyde Park.  He will check about seeing that Hyde Park is included.  Issues addressed by residents:

  • Camera at 14th and Mallinckrodt—will see that it gets a camera in the next 2 weeks.  Will report to Donna.
  • 3 Kings Bar & Grill on Bremen— Capt. Fieg reported that this establishment was operating without a permit  and that there was a shooting there last week. The building was slated for an emergency closing.    Capt. Fieg went on to say that the building was re-occupied and as a result the building was boarded by the City.
  • Windsor Park—lots of suspicious activity between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.  It has become a meeting place.  Drivers ride across the park.  Residents asked for a camera for a short time.
  • Biker’s Club—lots of after-hour activity now that it has re-opened.  Residents are encouraged to call the Neighborhood Stabilization Officer to make a complaint.
  • Foot Patrols—is it possible to begin foot patrols in the area.  Will discuss at future meetings.

Alderman Bosley addressed the need for Traffic Calming.  He stated that they are working to get speed bumps throughout the neighborhood.  They are working with the traffic division to reduce speeds to 20-25mph and setting up traps on major routes.

Capt. Fieg encouraged residents to call him directly with concerns, or questions.  He provided his contact number 314-444-2580.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Report

David Bercyck provided updates on the “Geo-Future” with moonshot labs; development of Innovation Center with academia and business.

NGA is working with Harris-Stowe on developing geo-spatial curriculum and the private/public partnership are being developed to assist startups in geo future initiatives.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (LSEM) – Residential Nuisance Property Update

Latasha Barnes, attorney for HPNA updated everyone on the work of Legal Services of Eastern MO with Hyde Park Neighbors.  Over last year three listening sessions were held to hear from Hyde Park residents.  Latasha addressed what is happening with the homes on:

  • Mallinckrodt and Blair–Dream Builders is actively working on these homes and making progress.  2 are in active litigation.
  • Salisbury—one pending and one waiting to secure development partners.
  • North Park—one property has work being done now; others have lawsuits that have been filed.
  • Properties around Hyde Park park—9 are in the pipeline.

Latasha stressed the importance of locating development partners.  Listening sessions will continue block by block.

Great Rivers Law Center  – Commercial Nuisance Property Update

Sarah Rubenstein, attorney for HPNA is representing the HPNA with environmental nuisance properties in Hyde Park, reported on Shreves/Grant Iron and stated that she has been in touch with their attorney. 

  • The City has issued citations, but she has no documents from them.
  • The State did send someone from Solid and Hazardous Waste to the site—a citation was issued on the tires, but no hazardous waste violations.  She suspects they were not allowed on private property, so the real problem with hazardous waste was not seen.
  • She will continue to follow up on permits, an sunshine request made to the City.

Sarah mentioned that Shreves declined a face-to-face meeting.  Alderman Bosley has made calls to Shreves to clean up the property.

He will be in contact with Rob to find out what his issue is with meeting with residents.  He stated that this is not acceptable.

Other issues raised about Shreves from residents:

  • On Farrar the traffic people cite the residents for parking on the street on street cleaning days, but not Shreves.  Why?
  • The streets need to be cleaned and trailers locked up—a danger to children.
  • Surrounding lots are being used as a dumping place.  Their lots need to be cleaned and secured to prevent dumping.

Civic Arts Development Group Report

David Hults provided a brief description of the Musaeum Library, a celebration of global cultural heritage presented through interactive exhibits in and around the historic Divoll Library at N. 14th and Farrar Streets in St. Louis. This rejuvenation of the civic institution is developed by Hyde Park Atelier of the Arts & Sciences to be a place for everyone as an anchor of education, community, and commerce in the neighborhood.  They are currently working to secure their 501 (c ) (3).

For questions or additional information folks can contact David at 314-856-2171.




Closure of Clay School—what happens next?

  • Alderman Bosley said it was not about money.  There is money from the federal and state government…millions are available.  It would be good to look at the School Board elections coming up.  At that time it might be good to go back for a re-vote on school closures.  Needs a creative solution—no real reason to close school.
  • Dara Eskridge stated we need to organize to call their bluff; needs a public campaign and huge outcry.
  • Question was asked who is the point person among parents.  We were given the following contact information, tilliescorner@gmail.com
  • Alpha House wants to save Clay—will be involved.  We need to organize, organize, organize.


Motion:  Fatimah moved that the HPNA meeting be adjourned.

Seconded:  Veronica

Motion Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm