Virtual Zoom Meeting

Attendees:  Fatimah Muhammad, Veronica Ross-Mickan, Donna Lindsay, S. Gail Guelker, Tanisha Stanciel, Adrian Stillman, George Brown, Brendan Fahey, Bill Schiller, Jonathon Roper, Rebecca Courtney, Sam McCrory, Sarah Rubenstein, Latasha Barnes, Rachel Waterman, Rebecca Courtney, Cornita Robinson, Denean Vaughn, Regina Dennis, Brittany Hubbard, JP Nash, Mark Pappas

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Fatimah Muhammad at 5:40 pm. 

Approval of Agenda:

Fatimah Muhammad made a motion to accept the agenda as is and Donna Lindsay seconded the motion.  No changes were made to the agenda.

Motion carried.

Treasurer Report:

Donna Lindsay reported that there were no transactions and that the amount in the account is $6,953.09.

New Business and Updated Reports: 

Shared Property Ownership Models:

Latasha Barnes introduced Rachel Waterman who discussed shared ownership.  This is a form of real estate owned by a group of people to promote ownership and prevent gentrification.  Rachel gave information on three shared property ownership models:  Community Land Trust (CLT); Shared Equity Ownership; Neighborhood Trust.

Questions included: 1) Who owns the land?  2) What model is best for Hyde Park and could you blend the models?  3)  Have any of these models been implemented and if so, where?

Nuisance Property Update:

Latasha Barnes reviewed for the new members the work being done with nuisance properties and the 10-11 cases being worked on in behalf of the Neighborhood Association.

There are now 5 open cases in court — 1111, 1117, 1426, 1435, and 1436 North Park Place.  A concern in the neighborhood is a property on 11th Street, adjacent to North Park Place.  Latasha stated that the City Attorney will get the City engaged and we also need to connect with the Police Chief.

Latasha wanted to know how the neighbors want to move on 2117 Salisbury.  This property is owned by Mr. Higgins.  A lawsuit was filed and the owner fixed some of the code violations but there are many more code violations.  The judge suggested to close the old lawsuit and refile with new code violations.  The vote by HPNA members was to refile with new code violations.  Latasha will follow through on this.

Shreve Properties Update:

Sarah Rubenstein from Great Rivers Law Center updated us on the Shreve Properties.  She explained nothing much has happened regarding the clean up their properties.  It has been decided after months of work there is no peaceful resolution and litigation will need to be prepared to rectify the problem. The Stinson Law Firm, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, and Great Rivers Law Center have joined together to work on Shreve’s problem properties.  There are 13 properties owned by Shreve with various owners and corporate entities.    Steps in the new process include: sending letters to all owners, wait 60 days and then file a suit.

Denean Vaughn stated that a cleanup needs to be organized for Hyde Park.  Members gave the suggestion that Brendan Bosley and the Parks Department need to be points of contact.  Denean will coordinate the cleanup.  Regina Davis said that Brightside also needs to be contacted for bags, shovels, etc.

St. Louis Urban & Planning Report

Jonathon Roper reported that planning will begin in six neighborhoods.  Hyde Park is one of the six.  Regina stated that she was very impressed with the Jeff Vanderlou plan which was developed over 2 years.  Hyde Park has Cornita Robinson as our point of contact, but will be leaving St. Louis.  Hyde Park Steering Committee has asked that we can be part of the interview process that hire Cornita’s replacement.  Fatimah reinforced the point that it is important that Hyde Park be engaged in the entire process and that it is inclusive throughout.

The Arch Community School

Tanisha Stanciel (Principal) and Bill Schiller (Head) of Arch Community School updated the group on the school.  Tanisha said that 53% of the students come from the neighborhood.  They are very serious about making a bridge between the community and the families that attend.  They are still enrolling for this coming year—can accept up to 125.


Shakespeare’s “Othello” will be performed in Hyde Park on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 from 6:30-8:00 pm.


Fatimah moved to adjourn the meeting and Veronica seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Guelker, SSND

HPNA Secretary