Board Meeting –October 15, 2020

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting –October 15, 2020

Virtual Zoom Call

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

A.  Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

B. Roll Call

Fatimah Muhammad, Veronica Ross-Mickan, Donna Lindsay, Sister Gail

Sara McDale, Brendan Fahey, Justin Strayhorn, Lisa Wolfe, Nathan Jackson, Karla Brown, JaMes Watson, David Hults, Latasha Barnes, Ryan Ellingson, Zekita Asuquo 

 C. Approval of Previous Board Minutes

Fatimah asked if there were any changes to the minutes.  No changes made.

Motion:  Fatimah Muhammad moved to approve the minutes as presented.

Seconded:  Donna Lindsay.

Motion carried.

D. Old Business

 1. Shreves Engine Rebuilding, Inc.

Sarah Rubenstein could not attend the meeting but sent a report which Fatimah and S. Gail read.  Shreves has obtained a lawyer.  Basically they admitted they have not been a good neighbor.  Sarah requested an in-person meeting.  Shreves lawyer said progress is slow because of a shortage of employees.  Some improvement made along Farrar, near N. Florissant.  City offices have inspected the site.  Sarah asked for a schedule for cleanup so that we have benchmarks for accountable. 

Fatimah asked if the group wants to pursue litigation.  The response was YES.

Motion:  Fatimah Muhammad moved to have Sarah begin litigation.

Seconded:  Donna Lindsay

Motion Carried.

2. Hermann Oak Leather Company

Sarah provided a report for Hermann Oak Leather.  Comments were submitted to MDNR on 8/17.  MDNR issued its permit on 10/7.  None of the comments were responded to and this violates the requirements under the federal Clean Air Act. 

A Title VI complaint against MDNR has been made to the EPA.  The complaint has been accepted and is pending investigation.  David Hults asked who do we complain to as a community.  Veronica stated that she contacted David Ruby at 573-634-2437 about the air quality and got a positive response.  Suggestion was made to contact him.

3. HPNA Antique & Collectible Fair

Discussion on having one or two days for the Fair. The Fair will be a one-day event on September 4, 2021 at Hyde Park.

Veronica Ross-Mickan suggested that we include a neighborhood tour connected with the event.  Nathan Jackson volunteered to help Veronica. 

Motion:  Fatimah Muhammad moved that we form a sub-committee to develop a plan for the HPNA Antique & Collectible Fair.

Seconded:  Donna Lindsay

Motion carried.

4. HPNA Gala

There will not be a HPNA Gala this year due to the COVID.

Motion:  Donna Lindsay moved that we hold the Gala in May 2021 and organize in early 2021.

Seconded:  Fatimah Muhammad

Motion carried.

5. Explosion Victims

Donna reported that both familes received$1,500 each.  The HPNA mailed Thank You notes to all the donors.  The two families were very appreciative and asked that we convey that to everyone.

6. September Treasurer’s Report – Donna Lindsay, Treasurer will complete the financial report and forward to secretary to be added to the meeting minutes and provide a complete accounting report at the November 21st meeting.

 E. New Business

  1. Nuisance Property Update—Latasha Barnes LSEM and HPNA attorney, reported that there are 9 problem properties in litigation at this time—2 on Salisbury, 2 on Mallinckrodt, and 5 on North Park Place.

2 properties on Blair have had letters sent to the owners.

A “Listening Session” is being held virtually on October 29 at 6:00 pm for residents of the Hyde Park Neighborhood.  The topic of discussion will be development of properties around Hyde Park.

2. HPNA Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday – No discussion held.

3. Winter Recess Dates – The last HPNA meeting for 2020 will be held virtually on November 21, 2020.  We will reconvene in 2021.

4. Gateway Global – Fatimah introduced Zekita Asuquo from Gateway Global.  Zekita spoke about the purpose of Gateway and how important it is to educate and train young people for the future.  Already a training program is operating in Old North and now the goal is to start a Charter High School by 2022.  She said she is in conversation with MHT regarding the school buildings.  Everyone expressed great interest and support with the program and said it would be wonderful for the Hyde Park area.

5. Fatimah opened the meeting up for comments from the group.

a. Karla Brown spoke about the new $600,000 sewer upgrade for 11th Street.

b. Sara McHale from NGA invited everyone to an Open House on October 29, from 12-2.  Everyone is invited to come on site, but you have to register for the event.  They may continue to do this on a recurring basis.

F. Adjournment

Motion:  Fatimah Muhammad moved to adjourn the HPNA Meeting.

Seconded:  Donna Lindsay

Motion Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:39 pm.