Membership, Fundraising and Communication Committee

The role of this committee is to ensure meaningful, strategic fundraising, assure the retention and expansion of membership and management of all communications, public relations functions and informational social media requirements needs.

Community Development and Community Benefits Agreement Committee

The role of this committee is to provide quality projects that will be positive, long term additions to the Hyde Park residents and neighborhood and to develop Community Benefits Agreements with developers that provide a range of specific community benefits for the residents and businesses in the neighborhood.

Strategic Planning Committee

The goal of this committee is to work with and for the residents of Hyde Park to  develop a strategic plan for the neighborhood to be reviewed and updated at least every five (5) years.

Block Committee and Neighborhood Watch

Serving as liaison with block captains, to serve as a resource for persons interested in developing block units to promote meeting attendance by block captains and to facilitate inter-and intra-block communication.

Historic Preservation & Neighborhood Beautification Committee

To serve as the focal point for corporate activities that seek to promote historic preservation and neighborhood beautification, and to coordinate such activities with the City and other neighborhood organizations to avoid duplication of efforts

Environmental, Health & Safety Committee

To have a passion for the Hyde Park neighborhood and an interest in the issues relevant to environmental safety, health and crime including crime prevention, policing, rehabilitation, dispute resolution and creating a safe environment for all of our residents.

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